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San Francisco
San Francisco

Who we are

OMG Entertainment is a marketing company founded in San Francisco, USA, focusing on the North American market. OMG excels in using local resources to plan professional and large-scale events. With extensive experience in U.S. market marketing and local resources, OMG continuously helps many brands reach the younger generation consumer market in the United States.


Over the years, OMG has specialized in providing customized marketing solutions for the U.S. market to both domestic and international brands. The company integrates marketing resources across all online and offline platforms in the United States and has a strong cooperative relationship with local governments in the U.S.


Thanks to its professional marketing skills, extensive project experience, and comprehensive service system, OMG has received high praise from many domestic and international clients. OMG focuses to help more overseas brands quickly enter and sharing the growth opportunities in the U.S. market.​


OMG Entertainment 是一家創立於美國舊金山,面向北美的新媒體營銷公司。OMG善於運用在地資源,策劃專業及大型展會活動,並與當地政府有著穩定的合作關係。OMG擁有豐富的美國市場營銷經驗及當地資源,不斷幫助眾多品牌觸及美國年輕消費市場。



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