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Behind The Media, The Real Oakland Chinatown

Introduce people to the real Oakland Chinatown, other than what is depicted in the media. OMG is organizing the Summer Festival (Qixi Festival) at 9th street Oakland along with the Oakland Chinatown Improvement Council.

The Qixi Festival, also known as Chinese valentine day, is the most romantic of all traditional Chinese holidays. During the day, people write their wishes on a paperboard and hang them on the tree to pray for love. Over 30+ Food and 50+ Arts/Craft/Merchandise vendors will be joining us to bring the most culture fusion experience to you! 


10:00AM-5:00PM July 30th



Oakland Chinatown

Ninth street (From Franklin Street to Alice Street), Oakland, CA 94607

Health Permit Fee (Food and drink vendor only) :

Health Permit (you only need to apply once for the whole event): 

  • Risk 1 health permit (Pre-packaged food): $143

  • Risk 2 health permit (On-site prepare food): $211


Electricity support: 

  • Under 2000w: $60/day

  • 2000w- 4000w: $100/day

  • Above 4000w: must bring your own quiet generator 


Tent requires (you must have a tent to attend):

We highly recommend that you invest in a tent as the weather might be hot. FYI, the average cost for a brand new tent is $70 at Amazon.

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